About Us

Founded in 2015, Wanderlust Spirits evolved from the fundamental idea that a spirit does not have to be of a single origin. We focus on discovering the best flavors from around the world and utilizing these ingredients to produce a multicultural spirit. We believe travel can greatly influence the way products are made. At Wanderlust Spirits, our products are a reflection of our experiences around the globe. 

Our founder, Kristjan Olafsson, is an Icelandic native with a passion for travel & local flavor. He began focusing on producing something that would utilize his own country’s natural resources while blending in influences from all over the world. With that idea, Helix 7 Vodka was born. Helix 7 blends sweet notes from French winter wheat and the low mineral content of Icelandic water to produce a uniquely flavored spirit. 

After three successful years with Helix 7, Kristjan and his partner Paul Seigenthaler fellow beverage enthusiast, strived to search for unique flavors to launch a new product. After spending time in South America and Europe, Kristjan and Paul both agreed the next step would be gin. With bold Spanish citrus notes and delicate juniper from the Balkans, Askur 45 Gin hit the market in 2019. 

What sets us apart from other spirits is that most are produced with ingredients from one location. We are not. If it means sourcing from ten different countries to produce the best flavor profile, we will do so. As we continue to travel, taste new flavors and see new sights, we will continue to develop products that highlight these experiences and bottle them up for our consumers to enjoy. 

Travel the world, one sip at a time.

-Your fellow wanderers, Kristjan and Paul. 

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